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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  December 20, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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are bound to follow ♪ ♪ we're like fire and gasoline ♪ i'm no good for you ♪ you're no good for me ♪ we only bring each other tears and sorrow ♪ ♪ but tonight i'm gonna love you like there's no ♪ ♪ tomorrow >> mario: america, here's your winner. congratulations to tate stevens. we are going to be back next year, so go and audition. from all of us here at "the x factor," good night, everyone. >> khloe: good night.
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good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. we have some dropping news out of san francisco where four pedestrians were injured when they tried to get out of the way of a speeding vehicle. it happened at 10:00 tonight at the city's twin looking points. four people werewalking when a driver came speeding down the road near that look out point. several people had to jump out of the k rail to get away. two of them had to be taken to the hospital, two of them possibly in critical condition. a witness on the scene told ktvu four people were detained.
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he said he saw four people in handcuffs while a fourth was injured. we will bring you a live update just as soon as we can get more information. now to solano county where a hit-and-run driver killed a man and his dog today. we're going to eric rasmussen who has the story. >> reporter: one neighbor told me she saw the tire tracks but saw no man and no suspect. >> they were going too far for the neighborhood. left him for dead, did not stop. >> reporter: kevin bowl was walking his own dogs when he got the word. his long time friend and neighbor thomas had been hit at
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the intersection of sutter and 11th street. the man was on his regular walk with his dog corgie. >> i seen all the blood on the street but someone fold me it was just the dog that got hit. >> reporter: emergency responders took him to the hospital but he did not survive. >> the thing that i want is the person who did this to be man enough to come forward. >> reporter: they don't care, they will hit you and keep going. they hit a dog, keep going. >> reporter: frustrated neighbors told us speeding cars are a common problem in this residential area just off of sonoma boulevard. now it's cost the life of a man who was well known in this vajello. >> reporter: the victim was a
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long time reenactor with the dickens theater. anyone with information about the driver or the vehicle in this case should call police. we're live in vallejo, eric rasmussen. a man on a dirt bite was struck and killed today by an amtrak train. it happened this morning in oakland between big break and big hedge road. the victim still has not been identified. if train had left oakland and was heading toward bakersfield. there were 93 passengers at the time none was injured. we're on storm watch as a first in a series of storms moving into the bay area and sets up a wet morning commute. wind and rain are pushing closer to the area at this hour. aeb our and our chief meteorologist bill martin is tracking that rain and exactly when the center of the storm, when do you think it's going to hit. >> reporter: it's the morning
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commute and it's going to be a problem. it's friday morning, people trying to get away. we have a wind advisory out there. it's raining, life storm tracker ( -- 2 points out the area. these areas have been reporting some moderate to heavy rain by san helena, silverado trail up by napa. if you come back this way a little bit you're going to see a little bit lighter rain but most of the reports i've been getting are the san rafael snow. in the next few areas the rain is going to drift south. here's my worry for the morning. we not only have rain in the morning, we have winds. this is the direction of the rain, this is the direction of the bridges. the san rafael richmond and san
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mateo, dumbarton, they're going to have heavy heavy rain. this is the first there's three of these thins going to come through in the next few days. when i come back i'm going to take a time line, computer model i'm going to run you through the time line get away day. crews were busy preparing for that severe weather. the city recently installed a device over the drains to catch trash. the idea was to keep the trash out of storm drains and out of the ocean. tomorrow marks the start of two busy weeks. the rush comes as a blizzard grips part of the midwest. one family at sfo this afternoon wasn't sure if they would make it home to wisconsin. >> we have reservations in chicago already at a motel.
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we'll just wait it out there. >> there's nothing much you can do, you can't change the weather. >> reporter: the rain headed toward the bay area is also expected to create delays at sfo. that severe rain is producing white out conditions tonight. this was the scene in iowa. it was a similar scene today in kansas. the system is expected to move across the great lakes overnight. the severe weather in the midwest could mean holiday gifts may not make it on time. while there were no delays reported so far there is concerns that the weather will slow down deliveries and the timing for this could not be worse. today was the busiest day of the year. ups was expecting to move 20
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million packages today. that is double their normal. kids bundled up for class endouring four days without heat in their building. >> reporter: this is brookfield elementary school. >> it isn't acceptable. >> they need to be warm. >> you can't freeze students. >> reporter: so chilly parent booker says her child wears two jackets and stays inside the car until the first bell rings. >> i actually sit in my car and keep my heater running basically until it's time for the kids to go in. >> reporter: not one, two but for four days one section of the campus home to several classrooms has been ice cold. students bundled in classrooms, the district says there's no heat. >> it's been so cold. then they complain about kids not coming to school, how do
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they not expect them to get sick. >> reporter: they submitted a work order ticket earlier this week but it may have been lost. >> things that involve children should never been misplaced, misused, misappropriated, i believe children should come first. >> reporter: the technician found a problem, he opened up this box and found that two of the breaker switches were switched the wrong direction. after asking a few questions, four days of frigid questions all gone after a flip of a switch. mike mibach. police in san rafael are searching for a man who robbed a bank late this afternoon. it happened at the city bank this week. the man got away with an us disclosed amount of cash. we first reported this robbery minutes after it happened on ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00, now we have a surveillance video to show you. police describe the robber as a
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white man in his 20s, about 5- inches tall. he has a shaved head and tattoos on his head, hands and neck. house speaker john boehner cancelled a vote on his so called plan b. boehner apparently did not have the votes from his own party for the budget. more people have come together tonight in the south bay to remember the tiny victims from that newtown massacre in connecticut. maureen naylor is in the south bay. tonight she spoke with a 10- year-old there who says he can't stop thinking about what happened. >> reporter: frank we're live at ida pierce middle school where we hear that the children
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plan to send their secret santa presents to the surviving victims of sandy hook elementary. chanting buddhist monks join a diverse group to remember the victims in newtown connecticut. >> very depressed. saturday tried to stay in and try to shake it out of my mind but it was hard to. >> reporter: in the lobby of the county building, ornaments with smiling faces hang from this christmas tree. this fifth grader shared what he can't stop thinking about. >> the presents under your christmas trees at home that are waiting for you. but you are no longer here to open them. >> reporter: with a 2 -month-old baby boy this mother is keeping him and his 4-year- old daughter a little closer. >> cuddled with them. she slept in the room that night, both of them. keeping them close. just praying. >> reporter: more than 60 vowed
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their heads for a moment of silence. the concern visible on their faces. this mother of two wiped away tears tonight. >> i think often as a parent we think about the worse things that could happen to your children. the fact that there's so many parents grieving and experiencing that right now, there's really no words. >> reporter: only words of encouragement from her son. >> i'm hoping they can get through this and maybe this could get better. >> reporter: in the hopes of making people feel better that christmas tree will remain up in the santa clara christmas building for anyone who wishes to leave a handwritten ornament. maureen naylor. more victims of the sandy hook students were laid to rest today. today the grieving community bid farewell to 6-year-old kaát rib hubbard, jesse lewis,
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benjamin lewis and 7-year-old grace mcdonald -- katherine hubbard. >> there shouldn't be no reason for a coffin that small. and i think you have to just come and say goodbye. >> funerals were also held for teacher russo and wheatton who was found hovering over her children trying to keep them safe. there was also an undisclosed memorial for the gunman's mother in a town she used to live. pg & e charging you for its failure. >> they blew up our town. they killed eight people. the rate increase you will pay because of this deadly explosion. candles for a grandmother shot and killed on her way home. hear from the woman who tried to get her some help.
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>> pinpointing when the rain will reach your area and what your friday morning commute will look like.
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back now to the developing news we're following in san francisco where four people were hit by a car on twin peaks. it happened more than an hour ago near the famous look out at twin peaks. jana katsuyama has just arrived on the scene and has late information for us. >> reporter: frank when we got here there were about four
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police cars out here on twin peak and there was a young asian man who was inside one of them. i talked to him and he told me that he and his mother and six friends were the ones hit by this car. i want to share with you what he told me. he said they were on the boulevard there when a car coming from the south came up the road -- and went past the small wall and went down the hill. you can't even see the bottom, it's like a 40-foot drop there. he said they were two friends from wisconsin. we got the video from the scene as -- >> and we apologize we're trying to get the signal back with jana for those audio
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problems. we're going to try to get back to jana to get information. apparently four people hurt in san francisco they were walking in the twin peaks area when a driver was speeding down the hill. two possibly injured. when we get the audio established with jana we'll go back to the scene. a just released study find a way to track traffic problems. they use antennas and gps to learn about traffic problems. >> it incorporates vehicle information on the arterials and the roads that feed into the freeways rather than just on the freeways themselves. >> reporter: bay area traffic
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managers say in the future the data could be used to decide whether to place metering lights and to fine tune the timing to help improve traffic flow. food service workers at oakland international airport are preparing to possibly go on strike this weekend. the union unite here local 2850 has been working without a contract since july 1st. the group says the earliest they would go on strike is costs and a proposed wage freeze. the union says there have been promising conversations with airport food and beverage provider hms host but so far no contract. a japanese diplomat pleaded no contest to domestic violence charges. 33-year-old yoshiaki nafaya is a vice council for japan working in san francisco. prosecutors say he allegedly used a screwdriver to stab his wife in the hand, knocked out one of her teeth and kicked her
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multiple times. nagaya faces a year in jail as part of a plea deal. his sentencing is scheduled for january 1st. craig foosley showed up yesterday at houston elementary school. he said he wanted to protect the children following the school massacre following the massacre at newtown connecticut. he told the modesto bee he was a sergeant and had been deployed to iraq and afghanistan. now the u.s. marine corp. says poosely never charged overseas and was discharged as a private. the grant was announced today by congresswoman lee and is making way for hires and retires. although the fire department is still trying to figure out how many. the pinol department is also
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looking to get the same money from the department. a woman who was killed as she was walking home from a store is being remembered tonight. paul chambers talked to the store clerk who called 911 after she heard gunshots and then pleas for help. >> reporter: a few candles and flowers lay year the area where ramona rochelle was killed. someone shot several shots along the 700 block of the boulevard. she said she heard gunshots and several people ran into the store for coverage. >> as i saw the man, i thought they were trying to kill him. >> reporter: foreman was later pronounced dead on the scene. she was caught in the middle of a gunfight as she was walking
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home from a store. >> i wish they could do away with guns all together. you know. >> so you think it's getting worse. >> they're in the wrong hands. >> it's all about drugs and gang, gang stuff. i wish it would stop. >> reporter: those we spoke to said they've become immune to gunfire and says something has to be done until then a beloved member of the community is gone too soon. >> at first i didn't believe it. i mean you know mona, she never bothered anybody. why would somebody want to kill her. >> reporter: police have not released any information about a suspect or motive. however some in the community believe the shooter was aiming at a car that was passing by. foreman's family is planning a memorial sometime this weekend. david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. using live storm tracker 2 to track the showers. these showers worked their way south as we go into the
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overnight hours and by the morning commute it's wet and it's windy. the wind advisory on right now and it stays in effect throughout the night. at 2:00 a.m. it tries to migrate through the area. when we get to 6:00 a.m. when many folks are on the road you have wet in the south bay, wet in the north bay and wet all around. tomorrow morning's commute is going to be one of those friday morning get away commutes where you're going to want to leave a little early and check on with mornings on 2. back here at 10:45 and we'll be talking about the long range forecast which has two kinds of these systems coming into the area before the holiday week.
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there's word that caltrans is trying to reopen highway 1 that's been closed down because of a mud slide. the road has been closed from mount jenner to rock. a detour is also in place but business owners along the coast say they are worried that potential visitors from the area might think that the entire area is completely accessible. there's no word on when it will take to fully repair the area. the break downs that put patients at risk at three area hospitals. >> but first, how much your bill is going to go up to pay for crucial upgrade. ñ
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all right we've reaccomplished contact with our crew on twin peak in san francisco where four people were hit by a car tonight.
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let's go back to jana katsuyama who has new information and new picture, jana. >> reporter: that's right frank. and at this point police have determined that one of those people have life threatening injuries. we've seen four or five police cars coming through this area. i spoke to one of the people that were out walking, he told me hes, his mother and two friends from wisconsin were along here on twin peaks boulevard when a car came speeding from the south, hitting them. they jumped over this short concrete wall and it goes straight down you can't even see the bottom. here's video. at least four ambulances were called here to transport the victims to different hospitals. we do understand that another person was in critical condition. now we did get video of a suspect's vehicle and police tell us they did locate a suspect vehicle. there were -- as we understand
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it at least four people who were inside a gray sedan. they stopped it just on the north side of twin peaks and had the people inside get out. we understand that one of them at least was handcuffed and taken in for questioning. the young man that i spoke to was very emotional. he said that his family needed help. he was very worried about his mother who he said was one of the people hit. they are surveying the area looking for evidence and we are waiting for a lieutenant to come out here and give us more information. but right now we do know four people hit by a vehicle up here in twin peaks at least one of them was possibly life threatening injuries. we'll stay out here in the scene and collect more information and then bring it to you if there are any more updates at this hour.
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jana katsuyama, ktvu channel 2 news. starting next year, pg & e bills are going up. the department has approved an increase to your bill. >> only 299 million or 39% of the amount that pg & e requested. >> reporter: but with that commissioners say that pg & e will test and recheck pipelines. but what irks many is that the improvements will allow pg & e to profit, make money. >> pg & e will profit because of what happened to san bruno and they should not be allowed to do so. >> they blew up our town, they killed eight people and the commission today is giving them a profit on the rebuilding on what should have been doing a long time ago. >> 100 years ago southern
10:29 pm
pacific controlled the puc, they ran california, today it looks like pg & e is running the puc. >> reporter: what does that mean in dollars and cents for you, the average bill will go up 88-cents a month next year. followed by 1.36 a month the year after that. >> what our commission sought out to do was to simply meet new standard put forward by the cpuc that's why we had requested the rate payer financing. >> reporter: rural mains are next and that's going to cost a lot more. i'm consumer editor tom vacar, channel 2 news. 12 california hospitals were fined today by the state's department of public health for failures that caused or were likely to cause serious injury or even death to patients. in the bay area kaiser oakland was fined $100,000 for not following instructions on a medical device. kaiser san rafael was fined
10:30 pm
$50,000 for improper surgical procedures with a patient. and ucsf was fined $75,000 for not following safe distribution of medication. there's speculation that the world may be coming to an end at midnight. we'll show you how some people are spending what may be their final hours. and live storm tracker 2, watching the rain right now as it is moving into the bay area. we're going to see which areas are getting the heavy rains right now when we come back. blood pressure look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy
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back now to our storm watch and you're tracking a lot of the rain here. sounds like it's really going to hit overnight and tomorrow morning. >> that's really the story. the morning commute is going to
10:33 pm
get wack for the morning commute. it's the first of a series of three. we're seeing rain in the san helena area. heavy on and off. lighter rain in santa rosa as we back it up a little bit the showers are still pretty far from the central bay. we're still 30 miles to the north. these showers are coming down. they're coming our way. the morning commute is going to be wet, it's going to be windy. i'm going to have the computer model and we're going to step it through the time line for your morning commute and beyond. the system dropped a lot of snow in portland today. the icy and snowy roads caused a slippery commute and in this case the car slid right into a ditch. more snow is in the forecast but it may turn to rain. crews with the portland department of transportation say they'll be putting desaoeuser on the roads
10:34 pm
overnight. just this evening interstate 5 in southern oregon reopened after being closed for seven hours because of snow. a dump caused the closure in the grants pass area. the closure was one of several weather delays across the state. happening now, dozens of people are gathering to celebrate what some believe are their last few hours on earth. amber lee is live in oakland where some people say it's not about the end but a new beginning, amber. >> reporter: julie we're inside the uptown nightclub where there's a doomsday party underway right now. the owner tells us he's expecting up to 300 people. and oakland based group called the younger lovers is entertaining the crowd. the mood is upbeat despite the theme about the end of the
10:35 pm
world. many people say it's more about a new beginning. >> new zealand is still around so i think we're going to be okay. >> i think something new is going to happen next year or for many years to come. >> reporter: the end of the mayan calendar has prompted many to prepare. but the prediction of an
10:36 pm
acopolipt. we'll have to wait and see if we'll all be around after mid- night. reporting live, amber lee. ktvu channel 2 news. a push to keep drunk drives off the road is taking a unique -- drivers off the road is taking a unique campaign in california. there's a vehicle pointed as a cab on one-half and says this ride will cost you $40. the other half is painted like a police car and says this will cost you $10,000. the letter from the conference of mayors asked the president to ban high capacity weapons. they also want a national background check system. the local mayors come from san jose, san francisco and several communities in the east bay.
10:37 pm
a key state lawmakers is asking to follow california's lead. daryl steinburg is sending a letter to joe biden. steinburg is urging the federal government to spend millions of the dollars on mental health care modeled after california's system. >> it should not take such a tragedy, such an outrageous tragedy to spark a conversation about mental health. >> reporter: california's voter approved prop 63 funds mental health programs aimed at prevention. the state spends a billion dollars a year through that proposition. a new $1 service is coming to facebook. how it'll help users reach out to other users not in their network of friends. up next the bay area responds to that tragedy in connecticut with an outpouring of emotions in a night for newtown.
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tonight people traveled from all around the bay area to donate toys and pay their respects to the night for newtown event in san francisco. local choir sang and mourners held candles in a tribute to 20 students and six teachers killed. the event was also an opportunity to donate toys for local children in need. >> i just thought that it was something to do. i think you need to stop the things you're doing for yourself and realize there's a bigger, there's just something bigger out there in the world. >> reporter: tonight event was hosted by 99.7 now. facebook is testing the service that charges $1 to send messages directly to the inbox
10:41 pm
of people who are not connected as friends. currently messages sent to people not in your network of friends go to a folder called other. not quite spam but close. many users ignore the other folder, facebook says this service is now being tested with a small group of users. a mountain view app company is taking heat for a series of apps that change your photo to a racial or ethnic stereo type like make me asian or make me irish. nearly 20,000 people have now signed a petition demanding the petition remove the app calling it racist. that law -- that launch took place on december 12. this was the fifth attempt of
10:42 pm
such a launch. julian assange made a rare appearance. he spoke to followers from the balcony of his hotel. he's being investigated by u.s. officials over his leaks of classified documents. assange is also wanted in connection with allegations of sexual assault in sweden. in spain the lines are long as people wait there to buy a lottery ticket. the world's oldest weekly lottery is giving away the biggest jack spot price in history. up for grabs $3 billion. even though the jackpot is record sized fewer people are snatching up tickets. customers say it is a sign of the slow economy. elementary and middle school students will be riding in style this winter break. it's all thanks to a bike give away coordinated through
10:43 pm
campbell mayor evan low. >> kids will remember their first bike and it's important to figure out a way to make children's lives a little more special. >> 42 students attending elementary and middle schools in the campbell union school district were chosen to receive the brand new bikes. we are getting new information now on the scene of that accident in san francisco where four people were hit by a speeding driver. what first responders sawhen they arrived on that scene. a bay area city siting with a dispensary. the information that unfolded today inside a federal court in san francisco. our chief meteorologist bill martin watching our rain with storm tracker 2. he's back in a moment with how it's going to affect your morning commute and beyond. six- -- your morning commute and beyond.
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of happier holidays. time to enchant, delight and amaze. safeway will help you gather everyone round. a smoked, shank half ham is only 99 cents a pound. get breyer's ice cream for $2.88 and dessert will surely shine. make it a grand finale with starbucks just $6.99. turns out this season less is really so much more. so make your holiday merrier than ever before. safeway. ingredients for life. new information now from the scene of that accident at san francisco's twin peaks.
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jana katsuyama is there now with what she's learned from police, jana. >> reporter: that's right julie, i'm standing next to lieutenant simon silverman who was here at the scene and agreed to talk to us a little bit. first of all thank you for joining us. can you tell us how far down the victims were thrown or how low they went on the hill. >> they were 30 feet down the hill. >> reporter: and i understand it took quite an effort to bring them back up. >> yes, the firefighters had to use lifts. >> reporter: using ropes. >> that's right. >> reporter: who did you find inside, what's the situation we saw someone being taken away in handcuffs. >> reporter: there were four people in that car one of whom was also injured and the driver was detained and taken away for
10:47 pm
investigation. >> reporter: is there any indication they may have been intoxicated or there was any other fact for. >> right, we're still investigating that. >> reporter: what can you tell us about the conditions of the people who were injured? >> so three other people were transported to the hospital. one with serious life threatening injuries and two others with less serious injuries. >> reporter: okay, any witnesses. >> not at this time, no. >> reporter: lieutenant simon silverman thank you for joining us right now. it's a very active scene. they still have investigators combing the area. putting this case together. but four people who seem to have been hit by a vehicle up here in twin peak. a very popular area with tourists and at least one with serious injuries right now. for now reporting live in san francisco, jana katsuyama, ktvu channel 2 news. the city governor wants to
10:48 pm
shut down one of oakland's most successful dispensaries. the city is standing by that dispensary. >> reporter: some hundred thousand patients, the federal government wants to seize this property and shut it down. today a federal court judge in san francisco held a key hearing. >> potentially the future of medical cannabis in california and the rest of the country. >> reporter: they couldn't come up with any valid reason to bring this lawsuit against harbor side so they said they were doing it because it was too big. >> reporter: the u.s. attorney declined an on camera interview but gave me this statement. the larger the operation, the bigger the likely haoád that there will be abuse of the state's medical marijuana or people who ated need. what makes this case unprecedented is the city of oakland siding with the dispensary. >> we would like the federal government to stop the tragic
10:49 pm
waste of resources on trying to shut down our legitimate regulations that are in compliance with california law. >> reporter: dispensary landlords risk losing their building. the court could throughout out this action. the dispensary wants a jury trial. the judge did not indicate when she might rule. but defense attorneys told me that they are cautiously optimistic that this landmark case will go to trial. john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. the rain is still to the north but it's starting to break south a little bit. take a look at live storm tracker 2. i've put the last two hours in motion. it's been up here most of the day. but see where it starts to bend right here. it's starting to shift south and that means we're going to see some showers move into the bay area proper in the next hour or so. next hour and a half this starts to move into the marine county. you can see the system moving
10:50 pm
into the south bay. this is the rain that's coming your way. it's a nice looking storm. it's not a giant storm but a nice looking storm. there's a winter storm warning that goes into effect. it stays in effect friday through sunday. it's not just in effect tonight, tomorrow. it's through sunday. so big snow in the mountains they could see easily five to 6 feet up there. if you have travel plans, or you're going south, check your road conditions, if the snow levels are low we're going to have travel concerns as we get into the period here as we go into the weekend. here's the system, the main system. the parent low it's going to usher in three weather systems. one right now through tomorrow morning. the next one tomorrow night into saturday morning and the next one kind of in there all day sunday. sunday is kind of the all day rain event. these days, both these days saturday is going to clear out and mid-morning it'll be nice. i think we will see some breaks in the action. the computer model does this,
10:51 pm
here's tomorrow morning in the morning commute. it's raining. here we are in the afternoon commute. that doesn't look bad right. but if you go into the mountains it does right. because it's going to be going on up there and in the south. that was friday night's deal. now we get into saturday morning's deal. it's early 3:00 a.m. that's a nice looking weather system. that blows through saturday, 7:00, 8:00 and it clears out. right. so that's the next one. and storm number three comes in. and this one has more coverage. more aerial coverage look at the distribution here. 9:00a.m. it goes through and a lot more rain. that's until 2:00 p.m. it's sticking around longer then it moves through until 6:00 p.m. sunday looks like the rainiest day consistently. just know the morning commute is going to be a little bit dicey because it's friday, because it's a get away and because it's raining and because it's windy as well. the temperatures tomorrow will be in the 50s. it's warmed up because of the weather system because it's been so cold. but check it out i have some sun in there. a little bit of sun on saturday.
10:52 pm
i think saturday afternoon is not half bad. then saturday looks like a rainy day all day. we'll be on of course steven and these guys will get here super early. you know how commutes are. >> any bit of rain. >> yeah you don't need a lot. it'll be .25 to an inch of rain when the commute goes on. a baby lugger sea turtle is just wrapping up it's cross country trip. the young hatchling was placed on a cargo ship. mark is up next with sports, we'll be back with that. [ male announcer ] december is customer appreciation month at subway restaurants.
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i watch and i give. salvation army's toy drive took place today to the delight of parents. the organization says it is anticipating serving 1,500 families this year. mark is here now with sports the count down is on. boy this is going to be a great one on sunday. niners-seahawks. >> i want wasn't that long ago,
10:56 pm
just a couple of years ago the nfc west was if not an nfl laughing stock at least good for a couple of chuckles. now two of the hottest quarterbacks have helped turn that idea around. you're gown to -- you're going to see them go against each other on sunday. you saw what ck did against the pass last week. and wilson in his rookie season has helped guide the hawk in the last two games alone. this is how the two young guys size each other up. >> i think there's some similarities but i haven't watched him enough to really tell. i've heard he's a good guy and good quarterback as well. i'm looking forward to the game. >> i've seen a little bit of what he's done. everything i've seen of him he's been doing great things out there. that's something we'll have to account for.
10:57 pm
>> is he going to be a guy that's your adversary, your tom brady for the next decade or so. >> it'll be my adversary sunday night. that what we're worried about. >> there you go. with all the warriors success of late. we're not hearing much of the disappearance of andrew boget we sure could have used him last night. they got pushed around by sacramento. bob cats are in oakland, warriors not the only one with a big piece missing. dallas not the same without dirk nowitzki. miami has it their way against the mavs tonight. watch wade, grab the rebound that's a kaepernikk pass to the other end to lebron. just a pivotal pass to the other epd. when it comes -- pass to
10:58 pm
the other end. and when it comes to high school basketball, he's the son of sonny parker. he commits to duke. huge disappoint to stanford. will play for duke albeit. probably will be jaded for a little bit before he goes to the nba. it is not for hard core fans of the nhl. the lock out continues today. the league announces all games cancelled now through january 14th. that's the sporting life for a thursday night. no hockey in sight, sorry frank. >> i know, it is not looking good. >> not at all. >> mark, thank you. >> and thank you for trusting ktvu channel two news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> the morning team will be here they're on storm watch from 4:30 until 9:00. they will let you how the
10:59 pm
weather will affect the morning commute and your holiday get away. and we're always here for you on hey, look! a shooting star! make a wish! i wish we could lie here forever. i wish this test drive was over, so we could head back to the dealership. [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. test drive! but we still need your signature. volkswagen sign then drive is back. and it's never been easier to get a jetta.


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